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We carry a wide selection of products, ranging from industrial pressure washers like Landa and Cuda to Water Maze waste water treatment systems. We also have parts and accessories on site, such as hoses, burners, gauges, engines and more.



Landa is a trusted name in hot water pressure washers with more industrial-grade models than any brand in North America.


We carry Landa products such as :


  • Hot Water Pressure Washers ranging from electric-powered, gasoline, diesel, and natural gas.

  • Cold Water Pressure Washers in gasoline or electric-powered.

Our Cuda selection of automatic parts washers eliminates harsh solvents, reduces labor, and provide money saving solutions.


Cuda products we carry include:


  • Cuda Front Load Parts Washers

  • Cuda Top Load Parts Washers

  • Cuda Detergents


We also carry Water Maze waste treatment machines and equipment.


Call us now to find the model you are looking for!



We stock factory direct parts. Contact us for pricing on replacement parts:


Trigger Guns                Electric Components

Wands & Lances           Burners

Nozzles                        Gauges

Hose Reels                   Engines & Motors

Filters                          Fittings & Filters




High-Pressure Hose



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